FYI: Alice’s Summerthing

Hey, gang! This Sunday is Radio Alice’s Summerthing! For those of you who either are not from or are new to the Bay Area, Radio Alice is a local radio station that plays largely Top 40 pop-style music, and every year, they take over Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park and put on a free concert for anyone who wants to come listen. And the awesome thing about this concert is that (a) the weather’s almost always amazing and fabulous, and (b) they get some surprisingly big-name artists to participate! This year’s line-up  includes Lifehouse, Kris Allen, One eskimO, and Thriving Ivory.



Plus, there’s always a ton of vendors with grubbin’ food (garlic fries, anyone?) and fun activities to be had. This year includes an art station where you can get your Creative on, and photo booth station where you can get a free picture to commemorate the day.

A couple of things to know: dogs and kids are welcome! Yippee! That being said, please pick up after your pet(s) and youthful dependent(s) — for everyone’s sake! Plus, for those of you who are concerned that the welcoming of canines and children will lead to lame-o family fare, know that there generally are SEVERAL beer and wine and margarita stations, so adults get to play, too! Just make sure you add some water to the mix — trust me, even if it’s a little overcast, that sun will dry you out much faster than the local Irish pub. Which brings me to this: for God’s sake, wear some high SPF sunscreen, people! Trust me on this one! (I nag ’cause I love.)

And, finally, even though this concert is free — and I mean, it’s truly free; no passing the hat or not-so-subtle suggestions from your emcee to help out these poor, not-so-starving musician/artist types — Radio Alice will have a booth where you can find out more information about the San Francisco Parks Trust, the featured non-profit organization for this year’s concert. Not to get all politico on y’all, but seriously! Can we please all agree that having parks that are free and well-maintained and have not just a dedicated and much-appreciated volunteer staff but also a highly skilled and reasonably paid professional staff is a good thing?


O.K., that’s enough outta me. So, please, take advantage of this free concert! It’s a great time had by all in one of the city’s most beautiful outdoor areas with a surprisingly kickin’ sound system. I truly cannot recommend this enough (unless, y’know, you really hate these artists; then stay home — haters!). Peace, babies!

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